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Fifth Post

I was in some forum and I just had the craziest itch. I posted to a person’s thread about religion and all that and I write this.

The. Bible. Is. Flawed.

Reason number one:
Written by humans.
No one, absolutely no one, can successfully argue that humanity isn’t flawed.

Humans can be evil, if they so choose. Their decision to choose evil may not seem evil to them. Perfect example, Prop 8.

So, what is to stop them from adding or rewriting the Bible. Perfectly possible. Besides God of course, who still hasn’t struck me down from cursing his name over 1000 times, that “Don’t Test God,” shit won’t work as a comeback, I’d only tell you God was a liar then, ’cause He said he would strike me with lightning…

I will update my post later, seeing as it is difficult to get the origins of the Bible that isn’t recorded in the Bible, meaning who it has been passed to and through over the years and what has happened to it.

But, try and disprove the speculation that somewhere along the time line, humans might have gotten a little cocky and added to the Bible, changed it, rewrote it, or,  perhaps, try and disprove the speculation that maybe Humans weren’t as perfect as they appear in the Bible, oh wait, they aren’t at all. So, people could have done evil actions and didn’t listen to God when they were writing a book, or were not satisfied with the rules and wanted to change them. Anyone could be responsible. There are certainly times in the Bible’s life where it was restricted from the public eye.

I’m pretty sure Humans wrote the Bible. They are the ones that did the action.

Reason number two:
He is a jealous God, no one can worship another god but him. That makes me wonder if there are more than one god, since He states in the bible, There are no other gods before or after Him, Rev. 22:13 “I am the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last,” yada yada yada, anyway, why then, should He make the first commandment “You shall not have any other gods before me.”
Clearly he is demanding us to not worship another god. He is, after all, Jealous.
If he is Jealous, wouldn’t that make him a prideful person, it seems to me, from Exodus 20, that he is a very proud being, most of the commandments are about Him.

If you think God means to not put time and energy into items or other people more than Him, you are wrong. That is the second commandment, “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”

We make crosses and put them over our beds, we make prayer beads, fish stickers,
NOTW merchandise…

Don’t make an idol in the form of anything in heaven above, on earth, or in the water…


So, God clearly says there are other supreme beings, you just are not allowed to worship those ones ’cause they won’t lead you to a blissful hell.


“You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,” verse five goes on to say.

Why is He punishing children for the mistakes their fathers made?
That seems rather unloving.
The children of the father are being punished by God for their father’s sin…

And besides, I’d hate God too if He still was the way He was in the First Testament, oh wait, Exodus is in the first testament…

But verse six makes it all up for it ’cause God’ll love only the next thousand generations. Well, actually, I am using the Biblegateway site you said you are using NIV from, or something? Anyways, they have “generations” in curly brackets, {, this could very well mean that they added that word. I guess I’ll never find out what God said after “thousands.”

He demands that we work six days straight and then on our ONLY DAY OFF we give it all to Him. The Sabbath Day. Yeah, he seems pretty prideful, a little egotistical?
Sure, it could only be a reflection of when God made the entire world in six days and rested on the seventh, but God is supposed to be perfect and all powerful, why did He rest anyways? Couldn’t He do it in one day if He was ALL-powerful and ALL-knowing and omnipresent?

Besides, He is ALL-everything, wait, whoa, all-everything? Is he all-knowledgeable?  If yes, then He must know how to make a rock that is so heavy, not even He can move it, right? But then, He is ALL-powerful, why can’t He move it? If He can move it, why isn’t He ALL-knowledgeable enough to know how to make an immovable rock?

Ugh, circular reasoning gives me headaches.

To sum up the rest of the commandments, they are all about Him, well, more than half I should say.

Besides the hated “honor your parents” commandment,
There is the “Thou shalt not murder,”

God failed. Let us see, the first murder He committed was a genocide of 20,000,000 people. The Great Flood and Noah.

He hated those people for their “wicked acts.” Sure, they may have offended him by having orgies in temples and churches or something, but isn’t He a forgiving God? Oh, not until he replicates himself by impregnating a girl without cumming in her and then kills himself. Yes, He did. He allowed Judas to betray Him, He allowed the death, no, He went to it. I guess suicide is okay in the Bible. It isn’t mentioned ONCE!

God didn’t forgive 20,000,000 people because they were having sex and doing drugs and well, I guess I would be pissed too if I didn’t want the people I created to worship gods that didn’t help at all.

But, the flood was before the ten commandments, God is still in the clear.

His next major murdering, after the commandments of course, was 3,000. That is better, a lot of improvement from previously killing over 20,879,003 beforehand.

Still not forgiving I guess.

Overall, His murders in both books add up to 24,644,205 exactly. This is a fact from the blog [url=]Dwindling in Unbelief[/url] if you would like to check.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

Then don’t impregnate an unmarried, betrothed 16 year old, then, God.

“Thou shalt not steal.”

Hm, nope, can’t think of God stealing.

“Thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor.”

Hm, has God lied?

He did tell us He was jealous, that s pretty truthful, but He also tells us he is ALL-powerful and ALL-knowledgeable, but then there is that whole rock thing, and well, this one is on the wall.

Wait, He did tell us to not worship other gods but then He also told us there were no other gods besides him.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

Don’t covet? What does THAT mean?

Using google’s tools and typing in the search engine, “define: covet” I find;
“To wish for with eagerness; to desire possession of, notably enviously”
But changing “covet” to “jealousy,” the first listing again is
“covetous: showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another’s advantages,”
It uses covet to explain jealousy, (first commandment).
Pretty important if it is the first commandment, explaining why He is a jealous God, no, just that He is and don’t worship anyone else, plzkthnx.

I can’t follow rules that a God has demanded me to follow if He can’t follow them all Himself.

So, Humans and God are the two main reasons why the Bible is flawed, should be enough reason to throw it away altogether and start living for each other, for the earth, for the betterment of humanity, then to live for an imperfect god.

Try and disprove my post. Kudos to you if you read it all, but sorely disappointed if you can’t try and argue with me, if you try and attack my ways of reasoning, I will only be more disappointed.”

I can’t wait for your comments.


I guess I can’t keep up with a daily blog.
I’ma give it one more shot.
Okay, so the posts will be shorter, the comics hand drawn until I find my tablet pen or get a new one, also, I’ll work on updating the blog’s overall appearance.

Why? Why no comments? I feel so… idiotic, heh.

Anyways, I won’t give up, the blog’s stats are 54 hits since I started this blog, I think that is pretty good considering I am not promoting it at all since I am trying very hard to keep this thing anonymous.

So, yes, I will start trying my hand at comics. Just random ones right now.

Something better than just words. I know I am not the only one that enjoys reading but I know it isn’t that common among my society and generation anymore.

Okay, I failed, I didn’t post one yesterday, so I shall post two today and I have a surprise, I’m going to try and start a little side comic, because who likes to read without visuals anyways?

Right now I am on my lunch at work, working my ass off as usual, not more so since there are about 50 big boss executives from corporate and other stores. Oh good golly.

I am deactivating everything for my customers.

They were literally 10 feet away from me for like 2 hours.

I don’t know how long this post wil be but I will try my hardest to make it 1000+ words. I need an ice-cream from across the street, bitches.

Anyways, so here are some reasons why the place I work at is the most unprofessional;

My supervisor, who is 28+ in age, has children and a wife, goes to young adult parties with sex, drugs, and alcohol. The reason I know this is because I go to those parties. It is so odd to have your boss at a recreational party, not related to work at all. Those are uncomfortable enough.

And, whenever we have big wigs walk through the store, everyone kisses ass way too much, me, on the otherhand, no, I don’t need to kiss ass, I’m awseome already.

I’m not conceited, I’m just confident.

That is why I am still average, I’m not utterly without self-esteem, or totaly full of myself.

Anyways, every one of the bosses, besides most of the Department Heads, are extremely rude and mean. They do not acknowledge your presence if you greet them, they speak to you rudely, without reason, and give you a hard time when you simply ask if you can take your break/lunch as scheduled.

Well, at least me.

Not sure if that is the same way for everyone else.

I am afraid I will have to save this as a draft.

So my supervisor is the kind of guy you would think was gay by the way he acts and dresses, but he also makes a great effort to flirt with all the hottie chicks that come into work or are in his personal radius.

He’l actually stoke out the spot of where you spotted a hottie and look for them.

He needs to grow up, no one his age, or no wait, no one who isn’t a teenager, acts like that. If they do, please, grow a pair and just chill.

But I have nothing against him, his life is sad if he lives it that way, why should I be hatin’ on him? He deals with enough.

Besides, only one person suffers from hating, yourself.

Why hold anger, hate, and un-forgiveness in your heart when you are the only one suffering from it.

It is best to let go the things that make us feel bad in life, we only have one life, why fill it with negativity?

BRB, will write and draw and post all things I can tonight.


All right, off work, and ready to write.

I am such a dork sometimes.

I hate getting hiccups while working, it is so embarrassing and I am cut-off during my spiel.

I have a spiel for customers, it helps me process having to deal with so many customers in so much time. I mean, I get a lot. I have to have a spiel, but I make sure I don’t act fake.

I say, “Hi, how are you? Did you find everything okay? So, how is your day going?” But I use voice inflection, true emotions, and I respond to real answers. If the customer is fake, than so am I.

Anyways, another new boss. YAY! Let’s see, now I have seven big bosses, one big supervisor, and like 7 supervisors. All reminding me about how much my stats as a cashier SUCK ASS. I work hard, doesn’t mean I am good at my job. The only thing I am good for is opening credits, ’cause I can do that steadily every week, and keeping customer lines to the minimal.

The new boss is an old yucky guy, he is dating a 19 ear old associate that just transferred to another store.

Sometimes facts are enough, inputing sarcasm just takes away from the whole purpose.

Fuck banks, by the way, always feeing me for no fucking reason, and they know I am a college student, the mother fuckers.

It is all cash here on out, boys ands girls.

Also, fucking cellular phones. To have service is a fucking pain in the ass. My bill was about 150 this month for opening an account, after my friends fucked me over on a family plan. If you are going to do it, trust them first.

My big store boss greeted me today, I wasn’t fired yet. Today was my first day at work after having 3 days off in a row.

Believe me, I enjoyed it.

But, I am tired of ranting about work, can’t too much about community college otherwise you might figure out what state I live in.

But I am hopefully transferring this January to a university that best fits my major, which has to do something with writing, you have to know that by now, and hopefully my boyfriend comes with me. It will be a nice change, a change though, with many, many expenses.

I have to find a place to rent and a job up where I might be going to.

It is so funny, my plans are always changing, and I am usually the one that isn’t changing them. Other forces, that I cannot control,  such as, the Board of Education, have the ability to make my life a living hell.

Heh, I just love this blogging thing, I think it is a healthy way to express one’s self, with the safety of anonymousness, I can write any fucking thing I want, I don’t give a shit if I offend anyone, because this is my little selfish secret. I mean, you guys, the readers, are very, extremely welcome to comment or email me at

So, I was driving at night, practicing, no, I don’t have my DL yet, it is only because I didn’t feel mature enough to handle a device as dangerous as a moving vehicle!

Uh uh!

Anyways, this CHICK DRIVER, yeah, you know what I mean, the one’s that drive irritatingly slowly behind NO ONE while putting on their fake ugly shit on their faces, making their perfectly fine face ugly as fuck, not looking over their shoulder while driving into the left hand lane of the opposite side of the traffic, SLOWLY merging in front of MYSELF!

Oohh.. that bitch had it coming.

Eh, I flipped her off and yelled a profanity.

I’m sorry, road rage is only activated by SHEOPLE doing STUPID SHIT like driving as if they were FUCKTARDS!

Anyways, I’m certainly not a perfect driver,  I’m just learning and mastering this evil and demonic skill that I hate with such a passion of fury that would even send God to Hell.

… Oh, I am just a tad dramatic, I just love being creative though, when in a cursing trance.

I am such a dork.

Right now I am avoiding an instant message from a pass friend, from when I was a christian, and probably knew I denounced it.

I ignore her because her sister has… been quite abusive and crazy and used her screen name to stalk me. So I will refuse to respond to this girl, who probably needs to talk to someone, a real talk, without judgments, and accusations, negative feelings of all kinds are dismissed.

She doesn’t get those anymore, probably, since I fled from that whole lifestyle.

Work has given me the ability to stay away from religious practices so I can ignore the guilt trips that aren’t scientifically proven and are probably wrongfully taken from older cultures. Who made up religion? I would like to know.

I’m beginning to wonder if anyone reads this blog. maybe no one wants to read some shit rom some young college student who barely knows how to fucking deal with life.

I’m hard on myself by the way, most critical of myself is me.

Anyways, if there is someone who reads… please, type a curse word into that mutherfucking comment box and press the bitch slappin’ enter button, hoes!

Hey, just because I stated Pismo in theses mutherfucking pictures, ain't mean I live in Pismo, or the state, by the way, I took these mother fuckers on TRIPS!

I know, I’m such a NEWB!

I’ve tried making blogs before, but I think this will be different. YAY! Ten hits! That is awesome. Ten people reading my shit, thats a lot of people. I can’t wait to see if there will be more hits. Anyways, why doesn’t anyone comment? You think I am like all those other bloggers or something that doesn’t give a fuck about what you have to say?
I would JUST LOVE IT if people left comment about ANYTHING!!

This place is where you can say whatever the fuck you want, you can rant, you can tell me about your day, you can tell me and am a poisonous bitch cunt asshole who doesn’t know how to write shit, I wouldn’t care, I just like communicating 🙂

Please, leave a comment. I would very much enjoy it.

I am about to go over to my boyfriend’s house, I’ll have a real post up tomorrow. As I said, once a day. These little posts that aren’t even 1000 words are not posts.

Oh, and hey, advice for the blog would be nice, still working on it obviously, but the more important thang is posting, amiright?