I’ve tried making blogs before, but I think this will be different. YAY! Ten hits! That is awesome. Ten people reading my shit, thats a lot of people. I can’t wait to see if there will be more hits. Anyways, why doesn’t anyone comment? You think I am like all those other bloggers or something that doesn’t give a fuck about what you have to say?
I would JUST LOVE IT if people left comment about ANYTHING!!

This place is where you can say whatever the fuck you want, you can rant, you can tell me about your day, you can tell me and am a poisonous bitch cunt asshole who doesn’t know how to write shit, I wouldn’t care, I just like communicating 🙂

Please, leave a comment. I would very much enjoy it.

I am about to go over to my boyfriend’s house, I’ll have a real post up tomorrow. As I said, once a day. These little posts that aren’t even 1000 words are not posts.

Oh, and hey, advice for the blog would be nice, still working on it obviously, but the more important thang is posting, amiright?